h o o s t e r are an Independent Rock band based out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hooster are a three-piece who play distinctive rock originals, with styles ranging from retro rock to pop rock. The band have been playing together in Christchurch since 1998, forming while they attended University. The band has had an interesting career in the New Zealand music industry, acquiring national attention, only to have notability (and notoriety) slip through their fingers. Some go as far as to say the band is cursed...............

One of their earliest songs Lucy has been rerecorded with the assistance of NZ on Air and is on the NZ on Air Indie Hit Disc 18.  The following single, Rotate, made Indie Hit Disc 21. The video for this song can be requested on C-4 and Juice, as can the follow-up video for Throw.

You can currently request Rotate on Kiwi FM! Text "Hooster Rotate" to 3933.


Their first album, Rotate, is available now for $20 from failsafe records! Click here for more details.

Here's a sample track from the Rotate album:               Sitcom


And a blast from the past:                                            Like it more


h o o s t e r would like to thank their fans and everyone who comes to watch them play.